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Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus


The Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus empowers and supports the transgender community through music, as well as outreach and research, so that transgender people are able to build community and lead happier and more integrated lives.

Thinking of joining the chorus?  Come to open enrollment night Wednesday September 7th at 7pm.  Even if you aren't sure you want to commit, this is the night to check us out! (enrollment then closes until January). Our rehearsal location is in Harvard Square but the exact location is kept private for safety.  Please email our Artistic Director for more information.

November 2014

November 2014

The Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the very first all-transgender choirs in the USA. We were founded in order to provide trans people a safe space to enjoy singing and build community, and to celebrate trans voices and trans musical talent.

"The chorus has been so good for me on so many levels. Beyond the musical aspect, there's also the fact that everyone I've met so far is nice. I'm making friends in addition to making music, and I hadn't expected that. It really has been quite wonderful. It really is similar to my transition in that I finally am not afraid to hide my voice from the world the same way I don't hide the woman inside me.Janelle, chorus member

April 2016

April 2016

"The chorus offers an experience that is both freeing and powerful in its affirmation of TGNC people through empowering them to bring their whole beings, talents, interest, and motivation to create something beautiful from within themselves, and as a community. It's a positive way to build a stronger community around a shared interest and meaningful celebration.Ruben Hopwood, Coordinator, Trans Health Program at Fenway Health